On February 10, 2020 Leggette ETI launched the #demandtobecounted campaign. #demandtobecounted is a campaign for the 2020 Census in Seattle/King County. Leggette ETI was awarded the contract in September of 2019 by the state Office of Financial Management to create media messaging about the do’s, don’ts, and how-to’s of the Census. Leggette has created toolkits in English and in Spanish as well as videos (all videos are close-captioned for Spanish).


This is a fascinating media campaign, but the magic was in the creation of the video. Leggette found influencers throughout the Greater Seattle area who gladly participated in the creation of the video; all because they believe in the impact that the Census has on the community. The work was hard, tears were shed, but in the end, we celebrated our accomplishment.


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