Social Justice for Businesses

You can move your company toward deeper initiatives that reduce social inequity and negative environmental impacts.

As a business leader, it’s worth asking yourself: “If I take a stand to support issues of social justice with the business and someone doesn’t like it—are they really my ideal client/customer?” When it’s all said and done, it’s your responsibility to authentically communicate your business’ values and realize that doing so is part of the process of
connecting with your ideal clients.

And there are a plethora of ways to support social justice in your small business. You may “Take a stand in your business” by addressing controversial topics. This can be a tough decision to make as a small business owner.
When every client or dollar matters, some people fear the risk of losing business if they take a “political” stand.

How important is it for companies to have social impact initiatives?

Studies have shown that today’s college students, Generation Z (Gen Z), are a socially-conscious generation who are much more committed to and influenced by social issues in every purchasing decision they make. They are also engaged with social aspects related to their chosen career paths. 94% of the Gen Z individuals surveyed in a study believed that companies should help address critical social issues, while another survey found that 76% of Gen Z
respondents stated that they have purchased or would consider purchasing from a brand to support a company and show support for social issues. Of course, these are your current and future costumers so how they engage in society should be important. They are also your future employees. How you shape your business’s social consciousness will have an impact on who considers your business as a place of employment.

We can help you design and form a plan that will become an important element of your social determinants of change infrastructure. We will evaluate and analyze your existing policies and help you reach a conclusion on how you want to proceed with making a Commitment of Impact and then, executing it.