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Exclusive guidance with actionable tips on how to get started successfully to maximize the impact of your initiative and meet your goals!

This content is perfect for busy tech leaders and managers who struggle to find time to Start, Implement and Manage projects or campaigns that create lasting social change and competitive advantage.


But according to Gartner research, 80% of social business initiatives will fail within three years.

Here at Leggette we have 20 years of experience in bringing a strong alignment to help SOCIAL JUSTICE initiatives thrive within:

Political Strategy

Business strategy

Data-driven analysis

Who We Are

We don’t just talk about social justice, we do something about it.

Our passion and expertise are how to change the world, one initiative at a time! Together with tech leaders, we are striving to make a difference.

Meet The Host

Ralph Williams

He founded his company and partnered with experts because he wanted organizations to know that making a difference and changing the world is possible and is easier to do with a partner like LEGGETTE.

He brings a strong alignment of data-driven analysis for legislative, political, and policy strategy to your organization in order to measure the return on investment and make a real social difference.

LEGGETTE ETI is a certified company by the Washington State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

Don’t let business social consciousness turn into a headache. Let us show you how it’s done the right way.

In this podcast, we share valuable knowledge and experience with social initiatives in tech, education, and healthcare to help you discover how you can increase profit margins while making your business socially responsible.


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