How do you identify and utilize your company’s existing resources to reach, maintain, and grow organizational goals? In the end, all organizations rely heavily on data to assist with decision making and execution.

Derived from the reality that public and community traditional and non-traditional institutions, their employees and clients need the same data-driven best practice solutions that all other industries receive, Leggette ETI was established with a diverse team from different industries including diversity, equity and inclusion, mass media, computer sciences, data analysis, and population health management to provide proven, comprehensive training and program implementation management, consulting and technical assistance to help employers reach their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

We advise upon, design, development and/or deliver research and data-based  solutions that support your organizational short and long term goals. 




Derived from the reality that public and community institutions need the same technological solutions that all other industries receive, Leggette ETI was established in 2014.   The leaders of the new company formed a diverse team from different industries including diversity equity and inclusion, mass media, computer sciences, and health management.


Leggette ETI offers project management, analysis and evaluation, customized training, technical assistance and consulting, and leadership development support and training for executives and specialized staff.  With our partnerships and leadership, we offer our clients better services each day to help them reach and exceed organizational goals.

Leggette ETI is certified by the Washington State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and certified in King County’s Contracting Opportunities Program for Small Contractors and Suppliers (SCS).

Our Services

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Our Commitment to Equity:

Equity means fairness and justice and focuses on outcomes that are most appropriate for a given group, recognizing different challenges, needs, and histories. It is distinct from diversity, which can simply mean variety (the presence of individuals with various identities). It is also not equality, or “same treatment,” which doesn’t take differing needs or disparate outcomes into account. Systemic equity involves a robust system and dynamic process consciously designed to create, support and sustain social justice.

An equitable and just society is one where people of all races create, share and enjoy resources and relationships equitably, unleashing individual potential, embracing collective responsibility and generating community prosperity. We strive to be a leading values-driven company where the culture and commitment supports individual, organizational, and community excellence and sustainability. We maintain this standard through ongoing, organizational equity analysis and management of and investment in our key equity priority areas, including: gender equity, racial equity, process equity, workforce equity, and organizational resource equity.  Adapted from Race Forward


An inclusive workplace is key to attracting and retaining skilled, creative, diverse workers.

Leggette ETI designs and delivers diversity, equity and inclusion and cultural competency training for companies dedicated to creating and sustaining a safe, inclusive and innovative environment for all workers in traditional and nontraditional industries and environments including engineering, technology, finance, healthcare, construction, education, and criminal justice.  For more information, click here.


In today’s business climate, data is key. And the need for optimal data collection has now become the price of business. Leggette ETI makes sure your data is relevant for the sake of making your business growth. We use traditional as well as the most cutting edge methods and technologies to garner the results you need to improve your margins, develop your strategies, and analyze the performance of your goods and services.

All businesses rely heavily on data to assist with ideas and decision making. Leggette ETI can assist you; we can use our Google Cloud solutions or we can use the platform your organization relies on. We can customize a solution with Python, Cassandra, or other programming language that suits your specific needs.

With respect to research, we structure captured REDCap data. REDCap has many tools to organize and analyze data. Many. There are so many, that you probably don’t have the time to utilize the appropriate tool. Let Leggette ETI find that solution for you so that the final result is the perfect evaluation for all of your hard work.

Whether its flat files, relational databases, BigQuery, or some other structured platform, we are competent enough to use your data to and configure it for more meaningful, dynamic usage.

For more information contact : valerie@leggetteinc.com