Ralph Williams

Ralph Williams is the Principal at Leggette ETI, LLC where he oversees all financial, business, data analysis and development projects. Prior to creating Leggette ETI, Mr. Williams worked for federal consulting companies in the IT industry. He has also worked for Prince George’s County Public Schools and the University of Baltimore. Ralph holds a B.S. in Applied Information Technology from the University of Baltimore, and is a Certified Health Information Specialist.

Since 2014, Ralph has used his background in technology and business to create his company to provide services for community development, social justice, and business consultation.  In 2020, Leggette ETI has become a prime player leading one of the most proactive social justice movements on the West Coast and in the country.

A native of Arlington, Virginia, Ralph now lives in Washington, DC.  He sits and has sat on a number of Boards of Directors; mostly in leadership roles.  He is currently a Board member of the SBA Emerging Leaders of America (DC) Alumni, a program he graduated from in 2017.  Ralph is the recipient of the SBA’s Business Leaders Award.