Marcela Campoli

Dr. Marcela Cámpoli is a multicultural mission-driven professional with over ten years of successful community health involvement in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and international working understanding at multiple Latin American countries gained during her International Health fellowship with the World Health Organization at the Pan-American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO). She is a first generation bilingual immigrant (Spanish-English).

Dr. Cámpoli is Doctor “summa cum laude” in Health Economics and Master in Health Administration. Additionally, she is an ASQ certified Quality Improvement/Performance Manager.

Currently, she has been appointed as Lead Coach and Member of Georgetown University’s Bias Reduction Improvement Committee pursuing improved commitment against biases of all types and increased racial Equity. Additionally, she serves as pro-bono President of Cares4Health’s Board of Directors, an organization providing access to high-quality health care to immigrants and uninsured individuals in general.

Core Competencies:

Human Resources Management – Risk Analysis & Mitigation – Program Administration & Monitoring

Auditing Processes – Full Project Lifecycle Management – Regulatory Compliance – Stakeholder Engagement 

Staff Training Programs – Clinical Research Coordination – Quality Control & Assurance – Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief